Micah Lucas Salon


A’at Mkweli

I go by the name of A’at Mkweli! I have been styling hair for 16 years. I moved to Downtown Concord in 2017. I have had an abundance of support and heart-warming clientele. My goal is to support you on a healthy hair journey. Connect with you about your life endeavors, laugh, cry and sing our way through your appointments. Yes, salon visits can feel therapeutic.
As we all know, the economy is taking all kinds of twists and turns. I have implemented a new price structure. I consciously made my cost affordable compared to industry standards. This will get everyone aligned with consistency in the cost of services. I am grateful for all of you who have been with me so long. I welcome the newcomers to the MLSalon family. Without you all, there is no Salon. Thank you again for your support.
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